WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 Western Digital Ae 6.4TB Hard Drive Review

WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 Western Digital Ae 6.4TB Hard Drive Review

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The WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 Western Digital Ae 6.4TB Hard Drive is designed for data-intensive applications and storage environments that demand high reliability and performance. This technical review will delve into various aspects of the WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0, including its key features, performance, and overall suitability for different use cases.

Technical Overview

This WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 WD hard drive transforms the performance of computer storage systems, establishing unprecedented standards in efficiency and speed. It is engineered for diverse applications, and it is well-suited for use in computer storage and backup scenarios.



Pros and Cons

6.4TB provides ample storage for media libraries, video editing, and archiving.64MB cache might impact performance for heavy workloads
Adequate for most workloads thanks to 5760 RPM and SATA 6.0 Gbps interface.Not compatible for network attached storage (NAS) devices.
Low power consumption ideal for data centers and eco-conscious users.Can be pricier per gigabyte than some competing drives, especially for larger capacities.
Minimal noise contributes to a peaceful computing environment.Not suitable for latency-sensitive tasks due to slower speeds.


GeneralManufacturerWestern Digital
Manufacturer Part #WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0
Product LineAe
PerformanceProduct TypeInternal Hard Drive
Form Factor3.5-inch
Capacity6.4 TB
Cache64 MB
Spindle Speed5760 RPM
Average Seek Time14 ms
Drive Interface TypeSATA 6.0 Gbps
Additional InformationDesigned for Data Center

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Capacity and Form Factor:

The 6.4TB capacity of the WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 makes it suitable for data-intensive tasks and applications requiring large storage capacities. With a standard 3.5-inch form factor, it seamlessly fits into most desktop and server configurations.

HelioSeal Technology:

Western Digital's HelioSeal technology is incorporated into this drive, ensuring a higher level of reliability and durability. The hermetically sealed helium-filled drive reduces air friction, resulting in lower power consumption and enhanced longevity.

Data Transfer Rates:

The WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 boasts competitive data transfer rates, making it well-suited for tasks such as data backups, archiving, and content delivery. The SATA III interface ensures compatibility with a wide range of systems.

Advanced Format Technology:

With Advanced Format Technology, this hard drive optimizes data storage efficiency by utilizing larger sector sizes. This results in improved overall performance and reliability, especially when handling large files and multimedia content.

WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 Performance:

Read/Write Speeds:

The WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 demonstrates commendable read and write speeds, contributing to responsive data access and transfer. This is particularly beneficial for applications that demand high-speed data processing, such as video editing or database management.

Reliability and Durability:

The integration of HelioSeal technology enhances the drive's reliability by minimizing internal turbulence and ensuring consistent performance. This, coupled with Western Digital's reputation for quality, makes the WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 a reliable choice for long-term data storage.

Power Efficiency:

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, this hard drive consumes less power compared to traditional air-filled drives. The helium-sealed design contributes to lower operating temperatures, reducing the overall environmental impact and operational costs.

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What is WD IntelliSeek technology?

WD IntelliSeek is a Western Digital technology optimizing seek speeds in hard disk drives. It dynamically adjusts speeds to enhance energy efficiency, reduce noise, and minimize vibrations, striking a balance between power consumption, performance, and acoustics for efficient and quiet storage operations.

Does the WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 WD Ae 6.4TB HDD support hot-swapping?

It does not support hot-swapping, as indicated by the search result. Hot-swapping is a feature that allows a device to be replaced or removed without shutting down the system, which is typically associated with external hard drives or SSDs.

What operating systems are compatible for WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 WD Digital Ae 6.4TB Hard Drive?

The WD6401F4PZ-49EJSM0 WD Digital Ae 6.4TB Hard Drive is designed to work with various operating systems. Western Digital is a well-known company that offers data storage solutions, including hard drives and SSDs, which are compatible with both Mac and PC systems