M393A8G40MB2-CTD Samsung 64GB DDR4 Registered ECC Memory Review

M393A8G40MB2-CTD Samsung 64GB DDR4 Registered ECC Memory Review

Posted by ADMIN on Nov 8, 2023 01:40:26

This M393A8G40MB2-CTD Samsung 64GB DDR4 Registered ECC Memory is designed for use in servers and workstations, offering high capacity, error correction, and reliable performance. In this technical review, we delve into the intricate details of this memory powerhouse, exploring its architecture, features, and the impact it can have on server functionality.

Technical Overview

Quad Rank Memory Module is a high-performance  Samsung Memory that offers exceptional speed and reliability for your computing needs. This memory module is specifically engineered for servers and workstations that require fast and efficient data processing.




General Manufacturer Samsung
Manufacturer Part # M393A8G40MB2-CTD
Performance Product Type Server Memory
Memory Type DDR4
Capacity 64GB
 Speed PC-21300
ECC 1000 RPM
Spindle Speed Registered ECC
Voltage 1.2

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Key Features

  • 64GB DDR4 memory module
  • Operates at 2666MHz for high-speed performance
  • Registered ECC (Error-Correcting Code) for data integrity
  • CL19 latency for efficient data response
  • 288-Pin DIMM form factor for easy installation
  • Quad Rank design for enhanced memory density
  • Low 1.2V voltage for energy efficiency

Error-Correcting Code (ECC)

DDR4 Memory features ECC (Error Correction Code) functionality, a critical component for memory modules, particularly in demanding server environments. ECC plays a pivotal role in strengthening data reliability, a primary concern in critical environments such as servers and databases. It helps with error identification and correction, ensuring data integrity followed by seamless system operation. Although ECC can marginally impact memory performance due to its extra processing, the significant improvement in data reliability makes it the top choice for mission-critical functions. Similarly, you can also review MTA144ASQ16G72LSZ-2S6E1 Micron 128GB DDR4 Memory.

Latency and Quad Rank Design

The 64GB DDR4 memory module designed for servers and workstations, known for its quad-rank design, indicates it has four sets of memory chips on each side. It operates with a CL19 latency, meaning it takes 19 clock cycles to respond to data requests. This memory module is ideal for environments requiring ample memory capacity and reliability, typically found in server and workstation applications. Lower latency is preferred for quicker data response times, enhancing overall system performance.

288-Pin DIMM Form Factor

The  ECC Memory employs a 288-pin DIMM form factor, a standard design in DDR4 memory modules. This form factor is well-suited for servers and workstations that demand high memory capacity and reliability. Its compatibility with a variety of server and workstation models makes it a versatile option for both replacement and upgrade purposes.

Performance and Reliability

The  memory module is a high-performance solution designed for servers and workstations with a focus on large memory capacity and reliability. It offers 64GB of memory and operates at 2666 Mbps speed with a quad-rank design and CL19 latency, making it well-suited for memory-intensive tasks. Additionally, its ECC (Error-Correcting Code) feature enhances data integrity by detecting and fixing transmission errors, ensuring system reliability, and preventing data loss. This module is thoroughly tested and certified, meeting DDR4-2666 Registered DIMM performance standards for Intel platform systems, making it a dependable choice for demanding computing environments.

Real Life Use Cases

The Samsung memory module stands as a dedicated solution for servers and workstations seeking both substantial memory capacity and unwavering reliability. It excels in data center environments, where the demand for processing massive data volumes and multiple applications is high. Its generous memory capacity and swift response times enable it to handle hefty workloads with impressive speed, while the ECC functionality ensures data integrity. In virtualized setups, it ensures each virtual machine operates smoothly by providing ample memory and maintaining responsiveness. Additionally, it finds its place in high-performance computing scenarios, where it caters to applications requiring quick responses and high memory bandwidth. In essence, this memory module offers a versatile and dependable solution for demanding computing environments.

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Can I use this hard drive for my desktop PC or only in server systems?

While it's primarily designed for server systems, it might be compatible with certain desktop setups, but it's essential to verify compatibility with your specific hardware.

How does the SAS interface compare to SATA in terms of performance?

SAS typically offers better performance and reliability compared to SATA. It provides faster data transfer rates, making it suitable for enterprise-level applications.

What does "Hot Swap" mean, and why is it beneficial?

Hot Swap allows you to replace or add the hard drive without shutting down the server, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operation in critical environments.