M393A8K40B21-CTC4Q Samsung 64GB DDR4 Registered ECC Server Memory Review

M393A8K40B21-CTC4Q Samsung 64GB DDR4 Registered ECC Server Memory Review

Posted by ADMIN on Mar 9, 2023 05:44:40

This M393A8K40B21-CTC4Q Samsung 64GB DDR4 Registered ECC Server Memory offers superior performance for servers and workstations and expands the system's capacity to process and transfer high-density programs.

Technical Overview

The DDR4 Registered ECC Memory is the high-performing memory module that helps boost the server's efficiency and productivity. It is engineered to work in data-intensive environments such as servers and workstations. This DDR4 memory module ensures that the system can perform several complex tasks simultaneously, minimizing downtime and consuming less energy.

This quad-core memory module features fast speeds of around 2400MHz, followed by an extended storage capacity of 64GB. The 64GB DDR4 Memory is compatible with a wide variety of motherboards that can easily fit into the motherboard without any disruptions or crashes, making the system more reliable and durable.

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The PC4-19200 features advanced features such as ECC (error correction code), ensuring data integrity and uninterrupted data execution. Further, Registered ECC Server Memory can maximize performance while operating at 1.2V.



Manufacturer Part #M393A8K40B21-CTC4Q
Memory TypeDDR4 SDRAM
Data Transfer Rate2400Mhz
Pins288 Pin
Bus TypePC-19200
Error CorrectionRegistered ECC
Cycle Time0.83ns
Memory Clock300Mhz
RankRank 4

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Key Features

  • DDR4 server memory is energy efficient
  • The server RAM offers high efficiency for mission-critical environments
  • The Samsung DDR4 comes with ECC that enhances reliability and data integrity.

About Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean multinational electronics company leading the way in producing cutting-edge technology in semiconductors and computer hardware. With a wide range of products, such as memory modules, solid state drives and more. Samsung has also been at the forefront of developing innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR).

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