CD8067303734802 Intel Core i9-7960X X-series 16 Core 2.80GHz Processor Review

CD8067303734802 Intel Core i9-7960X X-series 16 Core 2.80GHz Processor Review

Posted by Admin on May 16, 2023 05:28:11

The  CD8067303734802 Intel Core i9-7960X X-series 16 Core 2.80GHz Processor is designed for demanding tasks such as video editing, 3D rendering, and gaming. With its high core count, it can handle multi-threaded applications efficiently, allowing for faster and smoother performance in tasks that require heavy computing power.

Technical Overview

This Intel Core i9-7960X Processor possesses impressive multithreading capability followed by hyper-threading technology that allows each core to handle two threads simultaneously, doubling the number of threads available.

As far as performance is concerned, this processor, with its 2.80GHz base clock speed, boosts the processing power and responsiveness, while its turbo boost technology further boosts the speed up to 4,40GHz depending on the workload. Moreover, The Intel Core i9-7960 is also an ideal choice for gaming enthusiasts, as it can cater to heavy workloads. However, some games may not be optimized to utilize all 16 cores effectively, resulting in marginal performance gains compared to gaming-oriented processors with fewer but faster cores.

Further, another significant feature of the Core i9 2.80GHz Processor is its 22MB of Intel Smart Cache, which serves as a high-speed memory that can store frequently accessed data minimizing the time it takes for the processor to retrieve information.


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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer INTEL
Part Number: CD8067303734802
Product Type CPU Processors
CPU Series Intel Core X Series
Product Line Core i9
Product Model i9-7960X
Processor Code Name SkyLake 
Processor Core Hexadeca-core (16 Core)
Clock Speed 2.80 GHz
Overclocking Speed 4.20GHz
Direct Media Interface 8 GT/s
L2 Cache 16MB
L3 Cache 22MB
Technology 14nm
Socket Type LGA-2066

Key Features16MB

  • The i9-7960X offers an impressive core count, allowing efficient multitasking and faster performance in highly parallel tasks.
  • The Unboxed OEM Processor has several advanced features such as Intel Hyper-Threading technology, Turbo Boost Technology, 22MB Intel Smart Cache and more.
  • The i9-7960X utilizes the LGA 2066 socket, making it compatible with select Intel X299 chipset-based motherboards.
  • The Core-i9 processor is designed to excel in professional applications such as content creation, video editing, and 3D rendering, delivering exceptional performance and faster processing times.


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