CD8067303133605 Intel Xeon Platinum 8176M Processor Review

CD8067303133605 Intel Xeon Platinum 8176M Processor Review

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In the realm of data centers, where information reigns supreme, processing power is king. For those seeking to conquer demanding workloads, CD8067303133605 Intel Xeon Platinum 8176M Processor emerges as a worthy champion. This powerhouse CPU isn't for the faint of heart, but for those with heavy-duty tasks, it's a game-changer. Let's delve into the specs and see if the 8176M is the perfect fit for your data center needs.



Key Features:

  • Ensures data integrity for mission-critical tasks.
  • Provides a solid foundation for processing power.
  • Enables smooth operation with large datasets and applications.
  • Delivers exceptional multitasking performance for demanding workloads.

Technical Specifications:

Part No.CD8067303133605
Processor TypeServer
SeriesXeon Scalable Processor
Core Model Type/ProcNo.8176M
Processor Code NameSkylake
Core SteppingH0
Manufacturing Technology14 nm
# of Cores28
# of Threads56
Clock Speed2.10 GHz
L3 Cache Size38.5 MB
Front Side Bus / QuickPath Interconnect10.40 GT/s
Thermal Power165 Watts
CPU Socket TypeLGA 3647
Product ConditionOEM

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The Intel Xeon Platinum 8176M is built on the Skylake-SP microarchitecture, utilizing a 14nm process technology. This architecture introduces numerous enhancements that set it apart from previous generations:

High Core Count and Thread Support: With 28 cores and 56 threads, the 8176M excels in multi-threaded environments, providing exceptional parallel processing capabilities for demanding workloads such as virtualization, machine learning, and data analytics.

Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX-512): AVX-512 significantly boosts performance in compute-intensive tasks, doubling the number of floating-point operations per clock cycle compared to AVX2. This is crucial for applications like scientific simulations, financial modeling, and 3D rendering.

Intel Mesh Architecture: This architecture optimizes data flow between cores, memory, and I/O, reducing latency and increasing throughput. It's particularly beneficial for large-scale computing tasks and data-intensive applications.

Performance Enhancements

Turbo Boost Technology 2.0: This feature dynamically increases the processor's clock speed up to 3.80 GHz, ensuring optimal performance for single-threaded and lightly-threaded applications when needed.

Hyper-Threading Technology: Enabling each core to handle two threads simultaneously, Hyper-Threading improves parallelization and efficiency in multi-threaded workloads.

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology: By dynamically adjusting voltage and core frequency, this technology enhances energy efficiency without compromising performance.

Intel Resource Director Technology (RDT): RDT provides advanced monitoring and control over shared resources, such as the last-level cache (LLC) and memory bandwidth.

Security and Reliability

Intel Secure Key: A hardware-based random number generator enhances encryption and security protocols, safeguarding sensitive data.

Intel Boot Guard: Ensures the system boots with trusted software, providing a robust defense against low-level malware attacks.

Intel Run Sure Technology: Delivers advanced reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features, including error recovery and correction mechanisms, critical for mission-critical applications and data integrity.

Ideal Use Cases

The Intel Xeon Platinum 8176M is designed to excel in a variety of demanding applications, including:

Virtualization: High core and thread count, along with substantial memory support, make it ideal for virtualized environments, enabling the consolidation of multiple virtual machines (VMs) on a single physical server.

High-Performance Computing (HPC): AVX-512 and large memory bandwidth support make it suitable for scientific research, simulations, and complex computational tasks.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Enhanced parallel processing capabilities and support for large datasets facilitate faster training and inference for AI models.


The Intel Xeon Platinum 8176M processor is a top-tier solution for modern data centers and enterprises, offering exceptional performance, scalability, and advanced features. Whether you need to upgrade your current infrastructure or build a new one, Servers4Less stock a wide range of processors to meet your specific server requirements. Explore their offerings today to find the perfect CPU at low prices.

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